The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire - Cold War expansion

Created by Minion Games

Modular expansions and solo player add-on to the 2016 strategy game of the year!

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BackerKit surveys are now being sent!
4 months ago – Tue, Aug 10, 2021 at 01:13:11 AM

Hello again, backers!
It’s finally time for backers to submit their details into our pledge manager, and add-on more games if desired :D

Some backers will receive their pledge manager link in their email today, some tomorrow, and some the next day. It takes about 48 hours for everyone to receive the email.

The pledge manager will be live for 1 month. Once we have everyone’s details, etc., we will know how many copies of Cold War the factory will need to print and we will begin that process.

Apologies again for the time this has taken to get ready. Customer and sales details are highly protected by both Kickstarter and BackerKit so getting clearance for everything took quite a bit of time and paperwork, which is a good thing (for your security), and a bad thing (for speed).
But the time has now come!

Instructions on how to complete your BackerKit survey are listed below. If you’ve used BackerKit before this should be similar to what you’ve done in the past. But first some other notes...

About shipping costs:
We love the Manhattan Project series and admired James’ work. We want to see Cold War in your hands and continue the Minion story. However (you may not know), Grail did not receive any funds from the Kickstarter campaign, and we see that Minion Games had already charged backers for shipping. Shipping costs have gone up a lot since that time. We are also dealing with tricky logistics. Backers all over the world have pledged for Cold War AND other Manhattan Project titles (which are housed in one location in the US). For us to cover all shipping for the campaign will incur further costs of tens of thousands of dollars. All this means that we need to charge backers shipping again.

The shipping costs you will see in your BackerKit survey are as good as we can get them and we have subsidised them as much as we can. For example, a US backer receiving just the Cold War expansion will see an $8 outstanding balance when they log in to their survey. Backers in other countries will see other prices, all depending on your distance from the games and the cost of postage providers in your area.

This was not the original plan, but as we built the pledge manager and organised our fulfilment process for Cold War it became clear that this was a necessity. I know this is annoying and possibly a problem for backers, but we are doing the best we can. We want the games to be available and the expansion to be printed. We knew we would have to swallow the printing costs. If backers could pay for shipping that would obviously help us immensely.
And for backers in Europe: We have a legal requirement to charge VAT on all European orders. This will be shown as a tax at the end of your surveys in BackerKit.
About availability of titles
If you would like to add on extra Minion Games titles to your pledge, please note that availability is limited. We received what was left of Minion’s stock, but if something is not shown for you, it has sold out :( We are looking to reprint everything in the future, but for now we are focused on getting Cold War printed and posted. Note that some of the Manhattan Project games will return to retail after we know what backers take, but this will be in limited amounts and probably only in the US. There are not a lot of copies on hand (just enough to fulfil the pledge levels of this campaign, plus a little more).

Some backers may have been looking forward to adding on other Grail titles through this pledge manager but in the end it has been too difficult to do so. This is because all Minion Games stock is at one location in the US, yet Grail titles are not. This would mean more packages flying around the world and more shipping costs. It also makes the logistics really difficult as each item in BackerKit would need its own stock quantities, availability and shipping costs figured out for each backer, depending on where you live. We hope you may look out for Grail titles in the future, including our next Kickstarter (The Gardens, launching on August 24!)

How To...
To help you, here's a quick guide we made on how to complete your pledge manager…
You’re going to receive an email from Backerkit in the next two days with all the details. Please check the email address attached to your Kickstarter account for this email (and check all spam folders and so on, just in case).
1) Welcome Screen

This is where you’ll be able to select the country in which your game will ship, and switch your Pledge Level if you wish (if you backed at $1, for example).

Then click on “Get Started.”
> Add-ons

Once you’ve clicked through you can select any extra games you may like to add to your pledge (while stocks last).

Then click on “Next.”
> Shipping details

Next, you must fill in your shipping details. Please fill in all the details required in order for you to receive your game(s).

It is hard to confirm how long it will take us to print and fulfil Cold War. Currently there is a major international shipping problem (if you back a lot of Kickstarters you probably have heard all about this), centred around shipping container availability and port congestion. It is expected to last months more. We know we will have Cold War printed within a few months, but cannot promise at this stage when the games will land at a port on your continent. (You have the PnP files to enjoy in the meantime).

So, if you move house in the next 6 months and the BackerKit has closed, you will have to either contact us directly to edit your address, or organise a forwarding/holding service with your post office, or enter the details of a friend/family member who isn’t moving so you can pick up your package from them :)

Then all you have to do is click “Next” and confirm your pledge!
Late Pledge
If you know someone who would like to join in on the campaign but they are not a backer, there will be a “Late Pledge” option, but not for a couple of days (we want all original backers to get their survey emails first).
Closing of the Pledge Manager
The pledge manager will close on September 13th. This is so we can get to work printing the expansion. We will send out a reminder two days before it closes.

Thank you everyone once again for supporting us through this campaign.
If you’re having an issue, please open a support
ticket with us at:
In the meantime, play and stay safe and I will update everyone again soon.
- David
Grail Games

PnP Files for Kickstarter Backers
4 months ago – Sat, Jul 24, 2021 at 08:06:01 PM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

Cold War Progress Update: Early-July 2021
5 months ago – Fri, Jul 09, 2021 at 02:01:30 AM

Hi backers!

A two sentence update today :D

Grail Games has now been granted access to the Cold War backer list and we are building the pledge manager. Our next update should announce the launch of the pledge manager, and provide links to the PnP files as well.

Stay tuned for more, soon!

- David

Grail Games

Cold War Progress Update: Late June 2021
5 months ago – Fri, Jul 02, 2021 at 10:06:18 AM

Hi backers!

Sorry for the late update - I know we missed updating you last week - but we were hoping each day to give you the news we had gained access to your details from Kickstarter, but approval still hasn't come through. We have submitted all necessary documentation, we are just waiting for the safety and privacy team to click on the right box or whatever they need to do :) I have just prompted them again so hopefully they can do this soon.

More news as we have it!

In other news, following all the helpful feedback last week, we are now progressing on finalising the PnP version for backers who wish to print out the expansion to try early - this will be completed soon.

Hope you have a great week,


Grail Games

Hello once again, Energy Empire: Cold War backers :)
5 months ago – Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 05:05:02 AM

This is David from Grail Games again, just running through where we are at with Cold War's production and fulfilment.

Gaining access to your contact details...

This still has not progressed to completion. As the weeks start to slip past, we are looking at alternatives to gather everyone's details again. The main issue is that we will end up with tons of work if we want to offer late pledges/updates to pledges/changes to pledges as we don't have a system set up to collect and collate thousands of people's details and requests from different places (and be sure we've got everyone!), hence our reliance on Kickstarter and pledge managers. But we are actively looking into this and will let you know ASAP if we have decided on a plan other than just waiting for paperwork, etc., to be resolved.

The production files...

These are now 100% complete so we will be ready to print once we know how many to make etc. :) Once the above issue is resolved, things should move rather quickly.

Print-and-play version...

Because the print files are now ready we can look at releasing the promised pnp files to backers. I am not sure of the best format for this yet, nor what everyone is hoping for and expecting. If you have thoughts, please comment below. We will get this out to backers ASAP.

Contacting us...

I mentioned this a couple of updates ago, but if you missed it, please do not message us through Kickstarter (if you need to). KS have not given us access to direct messaging for this campaign (yet). Please comment or email

Thanks a gain for your patience, I will update you again next week (if not before)! We'll get there... :)

- David

Grail Games